The Thing Split Face Embroidered Patch

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  • John Carpenter’s "The Thing"-inspired merchandise exclusive to Honcho-SFX.
  • This patch is inspired by visual FX master Rob Bottin’s gruesome creation as seen in John Carpenters awesome 1982 film The Thing. Perfect for a winter coat, jacket backpack etc.

  • Approx Size: 9cm x 8cm
  • Easy to apply: you can either “iron it on” (because it has an Iron-on backing) or you can sew it.
  • A perfect gift for fans/addicts of the classic 1982 sci-fi horror movie "The Thing" starring famous actor Kurt Russell.

In the paranoia-flavoured sci-fi horror movie directed by Carpenter, the research base is infiltrated by a shape-shifting extraterrestrial being during the winter of 1982, which leads to the demise of almost everyone there, except for the unlikely survivors, the site’s Chief Mechanic whose name is Childs, and the heroic Helicopter Pilot, R.J. MacReady (portrayed by Kurt Russell).